10 Best iPhone Battery Saver Apps (iOS 10)

App store is full of applications dealing with the management of battery life of iPhone along with long claims about increasing its battery life too! Many of these applications have unique features of monitoring every single move on your device, while others have an easier option to shut out all the junk and background applications. The question is, how do we choose the best from the lot, which actually help to save the battery life? Well, I am here with the answer.

Top 3 Best Battery Saving Apps for iPhone

Given below is the list of the 10 best applications handpicked by me for you to save your iPhone battery.

Battery Doctor

Battery Doctor

Want to know everything happening inside your iPhone? then this is surely an app made for you. Battery doctor offers you a wide and high detailed statistics about the internal usage of battery. This app ensures to give to a vivid categorization of battery usage and also helps to regulate the processes running inside the device.

Battery Life Pro

Battery Life Pro

Looking for an intuitive and easy battery management application? Here it is! This is a uniquely designed application for battery management and enables the users to toggle among six main services like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. What I like the most about this application is the feature to change the app’s color theme.



Keeping it simple is the motto of this application. With minimal interface, the app shows the drain time of mainly eight processes and applications. It surely is clean and easy to use app.


Battery Manager

This is a common battery application, but the uncommon thing about this app is that it gives you a micromanage platform where you can plan to use your battery life to the maximum extent! It is my personal favorite.

System Status Lite

This application clubs both, the battery status and the disk usage together and shows it to the user in one slot only.  No other app has something like this, which makes this app placed among the top 10 list.

Battery Life Magic Pro

This app not only tells about the battery status, but gives you ample tips to for additional battery life. It also tracks the full cycle charge history of the iPhone.

Battery Magic Elite

This is a unique app which enables its users to track the exact amount of time taken to charge the battery to full. Battery status indicators to help to monitor main processes and toggle them on or off.

Battery Power Pro

This app is a bit different from others as it not only tells about the current running processes and time for the battery to need another charge, but also the health of the battery. The presentation too is impressive as it indicates different battery levels with different colors.

Battery Boost Pro

Battery Boost Pro has a user-friendly interface so easy to use. It has a sleek battery monitor and includes tips and tricks to make battery life last longer.

Battery Master Pro

This app shows you the estimated time remaining for the recent apps and processes and also auto detects the data for your device. Highly recommended!

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